About me

Frollein von Sofa: That’s me, Anne Schneider.  I think, I was born as an accessory designer. 

At the gentle age of eleven I showed slight tendencies to become either a veterinarian or a psychiatrist. (At least for the latter, the sofa plays an important role here, too.) As a 20-something I finally came to the conclusion I live in the wrong century.

Preferred destination of my time travel:
New York in the 50s – when nicer shoes, plenty of hats and even more fabulous accessories were in fashion.

I worked as a lingerie designer,

as a teacher for fashion design and illustration,

I designed handbags for Lulu Guinness in London ( Dita von Teese’s favorite handbag with an embroidered corset, is one of my designs – can you believe it? )

and I designed shoes for Beverly Feldman in New York…

…and now: I am my own boss, the Frollein on the sofa.